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"This powerful new edition of 'Anger: Deal with It, Heal with It, Stop It from Killing You' is for anyone who has felt hurt or seen others hurt by unhealthy anger. It is also for those who want to experience and communicate their anger in ways that allow them to gain a sense of personal strength, health and integrity, experience greater intimacy in relationships and attain deeper fulfillment in their lives at every level. It is for all of us wishing to rebuild a world with a safe and healthy future for ourselves and our children."
Jane Middelton-Moz - Author of Boiling Point and Good and Mad

"In keeping with the times, Dr William DeFoore's revisions to 'Anger: Deal With It, Heal With It , Stop It From Killing You' insightfully address the problems of today-anger in the schools, on the roads, in our children and at work. Behind every person's anger is a story. Dr. DeFoore can help us understand the stories and empower us to be a part of positive change in ourselves, our homes and in our communities."
Cardwell C. Nuckols, Phd, Author of Healing An Angry Heart

"A great book that will touch a nerve in everyone. Bill DeFoore gives you a better understanding of yourself and the people around you, as he shares his enormous depth and insight into human nature. I'd like to ask everyone to read this book.  Then we would have healthy parents, couples who are able to compromise, and resilient selves."
Connie Tyne, Executive Director, Cooper Wellness Program, Cooper Aerobics Center, Dallas

Deal With It, Heal With It, Stop It From Killing You

(2004 Edition) by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

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This revised edition has a practical 10 Step Plan for transforming anger, along with 4 new chapters and updated information on women's anger, men's anger, children's anger, workplace violence and anger/health issues.

This book enhances the reader's capacity for joy and love.

By learning to acknowledge, express and manage anger in a healthy manner, the path is cleared for a more complete and free experience of the positive emotions. When anger becomes healthy, it is transformed into energy, excitement and enthusiasm for life. Suppressed anger is the reason for much of the depression, substance abuse and illness we see all around us. Unhealthy expression of anger is the cause of the violence, family breakdown and marital discord that plagues our society.

If greater intimacy, family unity and closeness with friends are of interest to you, this book will prove highly beneficial. This book offers an alternative to either suppression or unhealthy expression. ANGER DOES NOT HAVE TO HURT. When it is integrated into a healthy emotional system, it is an ally that makes life more balanced and enjoyable. It's not going to go away, so why not learn to maximize your benefit from this powerful, energetic emotion? This book offers a holistic perspective, viewing the individual as body, mind and spirit in the process of becoming whole and complete.

Table of Contents
1. Anger from a New Angle
2. Anger: The Protective Emotion
3. Buried Anger Just Won't Stay Down
4. Breaking Free from the Passivity Prison
5. Rage: Anger's Nasty Cousin
6. Becoming Intimate with Anger
7. Anger Among our Children
8. Protecting the Child Within
9. The Role of Anger in the Grief Process
10. Female Anger: The Emergence of the Powerful Woman
11. Male Anger: The Awesom Power of the Gentle Man
12. Releasing Anger in Healthy Ways
13. Managing and Expressing Anger in Adult Relationships
14. Healthy Anger and Your Health
15. Overcoming Workplace Violence
16. A Picture of Emotional Wellness


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